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Pregnancy Tests

Wondering if you or a loved one could be pregnant? We offer free and accurate tests, along with any information you might be looking for.

Limited Ultrasounds

“Fetus” is the medical term for the little human growing in your belly. An ultrasound is like a window inside. It shows your fetus in real time. Depending on how far along your pregnancy is, the ultrasound shows the fetus’s heartbeat, arms and legs, and even his or her profile. (Whether the fetus is a little boy or girl is determined at conception, because this information is carried in the DNA.)

The great thing about ultrasounds is that we tend to understand things better if we can see them!


Mary’s Choice counselors are equipped for the following services:

  • Listen to your needs and concerns, and offer ideas and possible solutions
  • Help you announce your pregnancy to family and friends
  • Give you medical facts
  • Explain what your pregnancy may be like
  • Give you a general pregnancy timeline
  • Help you find a good doctor
  • Give you information about assistance in paying for doctor visits
  • Assist in adoption service
  • Even share their own personal stories and experiences with pregnancy

Since abortive measures are physically and psychologically dangerous, even fatal, for pregnant women, Mary’s Choice does not ever advise women to choose abortion. If you are thinking about abortion, we will openly, lovingly listen to your concerns, and help you understand the medical effects and risks of abortion. Mary’s Choice truly is pro-woman. We want to keep you safe and healthy!


Free Items

Mary’s Choice is sometimes able to help provide material needs for mothers before and after childbirth. A counselor may be able to help you with specific needs or requests.