Mary's Choice

Discount Diaper Program

We buy Cuties diapers in bulk from through their community diaper program. We then pass on that savings to families in the community through our Discount Diaper Program.

Once a month, at the designated pickup date and time, families can stop in Mary’s Choice and get diapers at deep discounts. We only ask that you let us know in advance what sizes you need and how many so that we can have them available. We have a sign up sheet in our reception room, otherwise give us a call (712/271-6279), email ( or send us a message on facebook or twitter.

If I buy Discount Diapers can I still come in for free diapers once a month?

Yes. We know that families have to buy diapers beyond what we give them once a month for free. We set up this program to help make the money for diapers stretch a bit farther.

What if I can’t make it on the date or time for pickup?

Right now, we are not equipped to provide this service more than once a month. We hope to expand it in the future so that it’s available at more times. You can send a friend, family member, neighbor or anyone really to pick them up on your behalf.

What can I expect to pay?

Between $3.50 -$12.25 depending on the size.

Size       # of Diapers per pack     Cost per pack

NB                         36                           $3.50

1                             44                           $4.25

2                             84                          $8.00

3                             56                          $6.25

4                             100                        $12.00

5                             80                          $12.00

6                             72                          $12.25


What if I sign up, but don’t have the money to pick them up?

Not a problem. The diapers go into our general supply we give away to help families. We understand that things happen. The sign up sheet is just for us to make sure we have enough diapers for everyone who wishes to purchase diapers.